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Gone Fishing

I have three stories written that are so boring, they put me to sleep.   I’m starting over.

Mostly, I want to get the last post off my main page. It’s been staring back at me for too long

(sidebar) love what’s growing in the garden right now.

Glorious red!

While I’m here, hopefully whoever keeps leaving messages at sites like classmates.com and myspace will catch this. I don’t subscribe to either & cannot access the messages.

I’m on facebook, listed as Suzi Kressler if you’d like to send a message there.

Meantime, I’ll chew on potential content for the titles of stories that are pestering me to write  about. Titles aren’t worth much without a story attached.

It’s been an eventful year, so eventful in fact, that it’s distracting me from writing.  Just for the record, I am not a professional writer, I merely have stories I like to share. Everyone has a story.

I’m not finished but the food that’s cooking for dinner is.

I’ll keep coming back as I can. I have no specific agenda here; we’ll call this rambling for now until something pops up.

Till then…. gone fishing.

Picture from my office window. Waiting patiently (that is such a lie!) I cannot wait for the first cool, cloudy day. Hottest September in decades.

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