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Albondiga Soup

I love Albondiga Soup. I love soup! Albondiga’s is not just traditionally loved in the Old Pueblo and served in every Mexican Restaurant in the vicinity, it’s loved by most who’ve eaten a bowl of it. Some call it Mexican Meatball Soup, I call it what it is: Albondiga’s.

I’ve tried many versions; adding, substituting, and revising for almost 30 years. This recipe is my favorite.

Even though this recipe comes with each ingredient having a measured amount, I never measure. I use probably more of everything listed but this is a good guide to use until you find your favorite way of making this hearty, stick to your ribs, easy to eat soup.

Albondiga Soup


2 lbs. ground beef

1 bunch fresh Cilantro, trim, wash & pat dry w/paper towel

1 Tbls. salt or so

1 medium onion (I use a big one)

1 tsp. pepper or so

5 fresh tomatoes (at least)

2 cloves garlic minced- I use 3 or 4

3 quarts Beef stock (see below)

2 eggs

Fresh limes sliced (see below)

2 Tbls. Masa Harina  (or finely ground corn meal if you can’t find Masa Harina)

Here we go:

About the beef stock. I’ve simplified. I buy beef stock in quart boxes, preferably organic but not always.

Pour all the beef stock into a large soup pot and bring to a slight boil, cover with a lid & move on.

Mix beef, salt, pepper, garlic, eggs and Masa Harina and set aside.

Chop cilantro, (don’t forget to cut off the stems, they’re bitter) onion and fresh tomato and mix together

Take ½ of the chopped mixture and add to the beef mixture.

Mix and make small round meat balls. Take the the other half of the chopped mixture and add to the soft boiling stock. Drop the meat balls in and simmer until meat is thoroughly cooked ( simmer much longer, it tastes better)

If you want a thicker soup add about a cup of cooked rice to the soup

For each serving squeeze thin slices of fresh lime into each bowl. I love lime and because I do, I squirt the whole fruit into one bowl.

We eat this soup with fresh warm flour tortillas on the side. They’re good for dunking .



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